Easter at Les Contes

Somatic Body Wisdom

8 – 9 am Every Morning 

When we experience the body from the inside, we find a field of unconditional awareness. The body is key to the awakened state.
Through the Somatic Body Wisdom practice, we train ourselves to read our experience and learn to understand the language of the Soma. Soma means not only our physical body but also the entire neurological network within which it is embedded, the intelligence centres of the limbic system, the brain stem, the heart, the gut, and the neural pathways throughout the body. In this practice, we learn the language of our direct experience without the mediation of the left brain, top-down processing of the conceptual mind. We understand the Soma’s way of being and knowing, mainly how it communicates itself to us on the most fundamental level. This practice shows us how to remain rooted in our body throughout life, on the cushion and off. It gives us a solid and reliable somatic foundation for the meditation practices of any stage of the path and is a profound resource for our lives.

Hour’s Class – Donation 
Or with Breakfast €22


Sacred Dance 

Every Friday 7 – 9 pm (from May, 2024) 

Through dance, different states of consciousness can be experienced through which ‘other’ knowledge is accessed and subsequently embodied. In these states, people can also meet and relate to the spirit and simultaneously express that relationship through the moving body. Being an “Ecstatic Dancer,” the journey will begin in the realm of Somatic Descent, leading us through the diversity of the moment until we reach the Glorifying Radiance of Praise, Worship, and Ecstacy leading to Divine Union. 

Two Hour Dance Class – Donation 

Or with a Light Evening Meal – €35

Walking With Goats

Every Morning 11 am (2 hours)

We acquired our first 3 Rove Goats soon after we first moved in, during the spring of 2021. Those three are now thirteen, with kids on the way! They have no purpose at all; apart from being joy-makers, we do not milk them or breed from them, they are just our friends!

It is beautiful to see our happy mountain goats in their natural habitat; walking the Cathar pathways, as we witness how easily they climb steep rock faces with no fear, and loving the physical challenge.

Gong Night with Michael Cull

Sunday 31st March, 7 -9 pm

By donation