The Apothecary of Body Rituals

The word ‘apothecary’ is derived from the ancient Greek word apotheca, meaning a repository, a place where something, especially a natural resource, is found in abundant quantities.

Here at the Apothecary in Les Contes, we have rejuvenating living, mineral rich spring waters from our very own source that is available for drinking, bathing and is included in all the juices, facial mixtures, and the filling of the wood-fired hot tub.

Drenched in the presence of the Sacred Feminine we will weave a tapestry around you through fragrance (oils) taste (tinctures) sound (music, song, prayer) touch, and vision (ceremonial atmosphere) to accompany you in a deeply somatic journey to:

  • Ancient Egypt
  • Ancient Atlantis
  • The Holy Land
  • Ancient Greece
  • Heart of the Druidess
  • Divine Depths

Sacred Body Work

Several modalities of sacred touch therapeutic massage are tailored to your needs. For the muscles and joints, different techniques include Swedish Massage, especially good for relaxation, relief of muscular tension, improvement of circulation and range of motion. Other techniques are designed to enhance athletic performance and promote healing post-injury. Releasing chronic muscle tension, increase blood flow, decrease muscle pain, rehabilitating muscle injuries. Deep Tissue Massage accesses multiple layers of muscle and fascia to improve alignment, reduce levels of tension and improve posture and movement.

We like to combine Aroma Therapy and CBD oils with massage customized to relieve stress, soothe muscle tension and support a healthy immune system, using the purest organic therapeutic grade essential oils from around the world to restore health and balance.

Raindrop Technique is a sequence of applying 9 different essential oils to the spinal column in a relaxing and invigorating manor to ward off potentially damaging virus and bacteria while cleansing cellular receptor sites to enhance cellular communication. Detoxifying every part of the body, this treatment helps restore and maintain physical and emotional wellness by improving overall bodily function.

Prenatal massage is recommended during the second and third trimester to help ease the body’s ongoing adjustments during pregnancy.


Facial Treatment with Foot and Hand Reflexology

Alongside the offerings of Sacred Body Work, your day at the apothecary spa could include a full package of rejuvenation. Facial treatment with nourishing, all organic plant based products woven in with hand and foot reflexology is a good way to really support your feminine side. A steam cleanse, scrub, French clay masque followed by super hydrating peel and finishing moisturizer.

The sequence would start with settling into a comfortable and deeply relaxing position readying to receive the treatment. Warm herb soaked clothes are placed around the face to gently steam and open the pores taking away the first layer of stress. A natural exfoliating scrub made with local herbs clears the way for our own spring sourced French clay masque. While the clay is drawing out deeper layers of stress, foot reflexology begins aiding with cleansing and deeper relaxation in the whole body. Once the French clay is removed after the feet are complete, a hydrating honey base serum is applied to the face in a silky masque with nourishing oils and vitamins to support the skin. While this is enjoyed and absorbed by the facial tissue, the hands receive their reflexology treatment. At the end of clearing the hydrating masque a natural day cream is applied to finish and you are on your way.