Les Contes is the last property as you climb your way through the towering gorge toward the village and chateau of Montsegur, known as the last Cathar stronghold.

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Surrounded by the Pyrenees mountains of “Occitan” France, Les Contes is a place that gives back more than it takes. Situated at the confluence of two rivers and beside a holy spring, those who feel a strong resonance with Mary Magdalene will discover a place strongly rooted in her tradition.

On the property you will discover Notre Dame de Sophia, a chapel consecrated to a continuous lineage the mountains have known forever, as well as a full-size labyrinth and Earthgate.

The gardens are incredible! Take your breakfast beside the tumbling river, as you marvel at the natural beauty. Seeds of Wild Love is the name of our permaculture project which aims is to encourage self-reliant living, based on a set of principles that extends far beyond the garden. Our vision is to create an abundant way of life that turns away from dependence on the state to a thriving symbiosis with nature as we turn our river and mountainside into a food forest and permaculture haven. Home to many animals, both rescue and wild we have goats, pigs, chickens, donkeys, and of course our dogs and Kit Kat. 

We love having people stay at Les Contes – because we know they will go home forever changed. There is so much peace and healing to be found here, and a huge scoop of magic! There is space, fresh mountain air, a sacred spring, an old chapel, a labyrinth, Virgin Mary Cave and Earth-gate!

Montsegur, the last Cathar stronghold is a 15 minute drive away, or if you are feeling fit – a couple of hours walk. We are right in the middle of the Cathar heartlands, a region in France that is remote, wild, and strangely magical. Les Contes is situated in a Nature Reserve, so no hunting or industry anywhere. There is a special ‘energy’ here – exceptionally healing, peaceful leaving you to walk away feeling ‘blessed’.

Languages spoken: English, Swedish.

  • Les Contes provides accommodation with access to a garden

  • FREE private parking!

  • Breakfast is available daily, and includes vegan, gluten-free, and vegetarian options.

  • The nearest airport is Carcassonne Airport, 75 km from the property. Toulouse Airport, 125 km

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