Les Contes is the last property as you climb your way through the towering gorge toward the village and chateau of Montsegur, known as the last Cathar stronghold.

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Surrounded by the Pyrenees mountains of “Occitan” France, Les Contes (which means tales) is a place filled with myth, dreams and fairy tales so we may come to understand our unique gift and purpose and weave ourselves back into the natural world to which we belong. 

Situated at the confluence of two streams and beside a holy spring, those who feel a strong calling toward Mary Magdalene will discover a place strongly rooted in her tradition. Les Contes is the restoration of an old Catholic summer house for children into the White Rose Mystery School, complete with a chapel, Bed and Breakfast, Vegan café, Apothecary of Body Rituals and Animal Sanctuary.

Les Contes produces a large proportion of its own food, keeping goats, sheep, pigs and a miscellany of poultry; a large thriving permaculture garden/food forest. That long, hard work, which requires Aletheia and Pete to be outside in all weathers tending to other living things, as well as a continuing daily need for long walks to explore old, forgotten Cathar paths, caves and mountains, has blessed them with a deep and nourishing sense of connectedness to the spirit of place that they feel drawn to share with others.

Montsegur, the last Cathar stronghold, is a 15-minute drive away, or if you are feeling fit – a two-hour hour walk. Close by is also Gorges de la Frau, a most spectacular place where you will be overlooked by more than four hundred meters of vertiginous rocks. The approach to the gorge is impressive, as it winds down a narrow road with the valley sides getting steeper and steeper – folk say this old mule path was how the Grail was transported to safety, where it still lies hidden today. 

This area, known as the Cathar region in France, is remote, wild, and strangely magical. There is an exceptional presence here that stirs the remembrance of a continuous lineage with the Feminine Principle that, throughout the centuries, has preserved its spiritual dignity without the need for permission or recognition from any other source. Les Contes is here to deepen your spiritual journey and to offer you a safe space whilst doing so. 

Children and Animals are Welcome. 

Les Contes provides accommodation with access to the garden, and pathways to the forests. FREE private parking! Breakfast is available daily and includes vegetarian and vegan options.




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