Hello! I'm Bells, a Rove Goat, and I am always smiling. I was the first one to wear a bell.
Mumma calling us home
Climbing on Dad
My name is Duffer-Dan because I am a Rove Buck, and I duff everything that moves, apart from Aletheia and Pete, and some of their friends.
Hello! I'm Eyes, and I'm a Rove Goat this is me when I was young, and I am solid 60kg gal now.
I am Fanny, the Rove Queen of the Herd. I am tough and won't give up my throne easily.
Hi, I'm Gandalf. I'm a Rove Buck, and I've got a whithered leg. But thanks to my human mumma, I get physio every day, and she's says, it not going to make a differnce to my 'buck-ness'.
Hello there folks, I am Jack. I am up for it, fun and lovely. I am an Alpine Goat.
Hello, I am Jasper and I'm from Catalonia. I am fierce, and friendly. I love catching things and I really love the feral cats on site too - one in particular
Hey, I'm Jess. I'm always on Patrol. I am the Guardsman and all round Security Agent.
Hello, I am Kali, another Rove Goat. I am quiet and beautiful.
I am the oldest amongst them all. My name is Yellow Fox (pedigree) and I am a PixieBob - but they all call me Kit Kat.
We are Molly and Grace, two ...pigs, I think.
I'm Molly, the Magnificent.
This is what we do as a family - go out caving.
Dad sending us out further
I am Percy the Parfait. I am holy, happy and healthy.
Family photo: Pete, Aletheia and Percy.
I'm Rumi, after the Sufi Love Poet. I have Jesus eyes, that's why mumma fell in love with me. I keep that ace in my back pocket...!
Hi, I'm Squiggs, and I am enormous and still growing. I am an Alpine Whether, and built like a tank, and I'm super loving. But only the brave will know that.
I am Stitches, and kinda quiet. Unless the boys are around...
Us all going out one Sunday morning.
New kid on the block (again) Teddy
Hello! I'm the new kid on the block. My name is Teddy (Swims) and I'm super confident and affectionate. I'm not sure what I am.
Hi, I'm Tillie, the star of the show. I am sassy, and I know it. I'm often at the front of the house be adored.
This is Walter and his gals. All rescue residents.

Finding Courage In Challenging Times

Episode 21 of the Nurtured by Nature podcast.

Host Fiona Mackay and Aletheia discuss the courage we are all being called to bring forth to navigate the challenges of our times and how the wisdom held in the land and handed down through myth, fairytale and the archetype of the shepherdess can offer comfort by reminding us of the cyclic nature of the natural world. We meander through the landscapes that have inspired Aletheia’s life and explore ways to navigate our fears, whilst quietly honouring those who have suffered for speaking out against the status quo and held the responsibility for lightening a path for others to follow.