Notre Dame de Sophia

Once upon a time, I envisioned a chapel in the French Pyrenees. It was a place of pilgrimage to Mary Magdalene and the Cathar faith, but before that, an ancient apparition site of the White Lady. No doubt made possible by the confluence of two rivers and the year-long abundance of a holy spring. La Source de Belisama, flanked by moss-covered standing stones, magnified an already potent gateway into the otherworld and the realm of all that is good. This Chapel held answers, secrets and mysteries.

People say the Cathars washed the Holy Grail in this source and that the Book of Love is hiding deep inside. There are suggestions that Mary Magdalene spent time here, sending word back and forth to the Holy Land, whereas the Cathars used this crossroads to exchange herbs, food and ‘objects’ precious to their tradition.

Notre Dame de Sophia proudly opens its doors and welcomes all who wish to feel the spirit of peace descend upon them. This small chapel has an authentic Black Madonna sitting upon its altar, gazing upon you as you enter. Soon your ears will notice the trickling sound of water resonating throughout the walls of this acoustic chamber. Then it’s only a matter of time before you sit, kneel or bow before the Presence that is so palpably everywhere! 

We now welcome all kinds of Ceremonial gatherings, from Hand-fasting to traditional Marriages, Baptisms, Funerals and all kinds of Blessings, Rites and Consecrations. Being ordained, Aletheia is officiated to perform ceremonies with legal and spiritual authority. 

Should this be of interest please contact me to arrange the time and date of this special occasion. 

Our Lady has made herself known. During the light of day, she stands in the centre of the Chapel and appears all glorious and bright, whereas, at night, she is black, with a single candle flickering at her feet, in warm, welcoming darkness that is wise. This Chapel is an eternal gift from my father, both human and divine.

Thank you, Dad. My grandest vision has now been made manifest. It is just as I imagined it and knew one day it would be.

Beltane 2021

We Have Returned…

Priestess Blessing

The Priestess Blessing was performed by Aletheia Pistis Sophia at the Notre Dame de Sophia at Les Contes in the French Pyrenees. It is so important for the Feminine to Trust, Acknowledge and hold True to Essence of the Priestess in themselves and one another.